We love groups!

Plan the perfect family reunion or group gathering at America's Paradise Resort 


America's Paradise Resort is the perfect place for your next family reunion. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have plenty of family fun and activities. At Paradise Resort you and your family can go fishing for the day or some may prefer hanging out at the sandy beach, whatever you pleasure, but when everyone is back from doing what they like best we have the perfect place to gather as a family, BBQ, Activity Room, Fish Fry, Family Volleyball, Basket Ball, Play Ground, Boat Rentals, Boat Slip. Sit together at a BBQ rather than in some restaurant. Enjoy adult conversation while the kids play at playground.   

The savings from a family BBQ by bringing your own food or catching it alone could be a substantial savings compared to a Restaurant. Since more than one family can share a unit and still have full privacy the cost could be less than an average hotel stay. Imagine have your entire family in the same neighborhood where you simply stroll over the BBQ. Plain and simple you won't find a better way to have a FAMILY reunion!

Call us about your next group event and see how you could save money and make you next reunion or group event the perfect one, then plan on coming back year after year!

Planning a group event call (270) 436-2767